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Lussory Gold

Lussory Gold, exclusivity and distinction are the main characteristics of this sparkling drink.

Lussory Gold is presented as an Alcohol removed sparkling drink, full of glamour that contains 23 carat edible gold, for delighting the most exquisite palates. Lussory Gold was born from a careful selection of grapes, harvested at different stages of maturity and with identical grapes in wise proportions.
Gold bubbles dancing in the bottle creating a magical movement of great beauty.Nothing better than toasting the future success with Lussory Gold.

Lussory gold is suitable to toast in any festive occasions or also in weddings or business meeting.

Unique experience

Lussory Gold is the perfect alliance between part and luxory. Lussory Gold is a product blended in very limited quantities and reserved for the most demanding and finest customers.

Gold wedding traditions

In most cultures around the world, gold constitutes a main symbol for Weddings. Thus, it is present either in the Wedding ring or in any other element. Gold means good luck and prosperity, therefore, nothing better than a toast with Lussory Gold to call for happiness.